Monday, October 09, 2006

AssParade Big Booty

assparade big bootyAssParade For this AssParade episode, we went to the FARM to look for what kind of ass is growing out there, in the fields. Let me tell you, my friends, there is some mighty fine big booty growing out there! I picked up my friend Jordan and road out to the boondocks to check to one of my buddies farm house, and he told us he had a pair of chicks who are more than hot and wanted to show off their big asses, you know I'm always down for that... So we grab a tractor and road around looking for these broads, and we sure did find some great asses!!! Ryan and Isabel, were out there doing some cherry pickin'... Oh my God, these chicks are fine as hell! I decided that they were gonna have to entertain me... :) Visit this AssParade Big Booty episode right here! Big Booty - AssParade